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Dr. Amy Ellingson

Dr. Amy Ellingson is a physician committed to the health and wellness for her patients.  She has been practicing full-spectrum Family Medicine since 2002 in sunny Chelan, WA.  Her practice includes infants, adolescents, men and women.  Up until late 2015 she was also managing pregnancies and delivering babies. 

Being a doctor is more than a job for her- it is part of who she is, part of her identity.  She reports knowing that she wanted to be a doctor since early in high school.  She grew up in southern California and then traveled to Indiana to get her undergraduate degree at University of Notre Dame.  Next stop was medical school at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago.  Having known all along that Family Medicine was what she wanted to pursue, she went on to do her residency in Billings at the Montana Family Practice Residency Program.  Her program was specifically designed to train physicians to work in rural areas where they are working without specialty care and are required to have a very wide range of medical knowledge and expertise.

Throughout her years as a family doctor, it became clear that there was piece that was missing in creating lasting health for patients.  Their numbers may look good, but they weren’t “feeling” much better.  She heard about Dr. Neal Rouzier (www.hormonedoc.com)  and realized that he was presenting and teaching a different method for bio-identical hormones.  His approach used studies and data and focused on disease prevention.  After her first training, she was certain that this was a piece she could use to help patients get their vitality back.  Seeing her BHRT patients is one of the highlights of her day because they feel so good!  It is refreshing to have people feel like they have their lives back and very rewarding. 

Dr. Ellingson not only has a full professional life, but also has a rewarding and full personal life.  She is part of a loving blended family, now with 5 children and most of her spare time is mostly being  with her husband and children.  She also loves travel, vegan cooking, reading, exercise and listening to those with  musical talents.  She has been very involved in personal development for over 2 decades now and attends workshops and continues to be involved in the bettering of her life and the planet.