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Major Studies

Women’s BHRT

HRT, Women, Heart Disease and Stroke

DOPS  2012 (Danish Osteoporosis Prevention Study) 1006 healthy women aged 45-58 who were recently postmenopausal or had perimenopausal symptoms in combination with elevated FSH.   502 women were randomly allocated to receive hormone replacement therapy and

HRT, Women and Alzheimer’s Disease

There is very little sex difference in incidence and prevalence of dementia or Alzheimer Disease (AD).  However, going by absolute numbers there are more women than men with the disease, particularly over the age of

Men’s BHRT

Testosterone Replacement and Hospitalization

Androgen Therapy and Rehospitalization in Older Men With Testosterone Deficiency 2016 Objective: To assess whether the receipt of androgen therapy is associated with a reduced 30-day rehospitalization rate among older men with testosterone deficiency. Through

Testosterone and Prostate Health

A Harvard Expert Shares His Thoughts on Testosterone-Replacement Therapy 2011 Excerpts from an interview with Abraham Morgentaler, M.D. "It could be said that testosterone is what makes men, men. It gives them their characteristic deep

Testosterone and Stroke, Blood Clot, Heart Attack

Risk of Venous Thromboembolism in Men Receiving Testosterone Therapy 2015 Objective:  To examine the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) associated with exposure to testosterone therapy in middle-aged and older men. Study:  Researchers conducted a case-control

International Expert Consensus on Testosterone Therapy in Men

Fundamental Concepts Regarding Testosterone Deficiency and Treatment: International Expert Consensus Resolutions 2015  In October 2015, an international conference was held in Prague with the purpose of coming to a consensus amongst international experts regarding testosterone