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I hear from many women that are starting menopause that symptoms they have from changing hormone levels rom are affecting their bodies and their minds.  Some people see this as part of the natural aging process and that they must just “tough it out.”  But there are options to help! Many women can find nearly total relief from these bothersome menopausal  symptoms.

The aging process technically begins as soon as we are born and is part of our journey throughout our lives.  In and of itself, aging is not a bad thing- most of us would not go back to being 13 years-old again!  But, what most of us do not want to lose is our vitality, our interest in being alive, our sexuality and physicality and our health.  Hormone levels typically decline in the 30’s and 40’s, but, most people don’t feel the full effect of this until they are closer to middle age. During this middle stage of our life, decreasing hormone levels can impact the way we feel, physically and emotionally.  And, given that we are likely to live many more decades past middle age, this will affect those last decades that we want to enjoy!

One way to take action is to learn more about what is happening in your body during this time of transition.  If you do that, you can understand some of the ways out there to help manage it.  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is one of those ways that not only helps decrease age-related disease, but also helps you transition into your middle years comfortably and with continued vigor.

Women tend to be a bit more aware of their bodies’ hormonal fluctuations due to monthly menstrual cycles.  This allows them to take action sooner given that they are usually more alert to the hormonal causes of some of their symptoms. The changes that many women complain of that may be due to hormone imbalances and deficiencies are mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, loss of muscle tone/strength, a low interest in sex and painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness.

These symptoms can impact the quality of daily life for both men and women. Hormonal optimization and an overall wellness plan can help to alleviate these symptoms.

What are the goals of BHRT?

  • Create long-lasting wellness and vitality and lessen the symptoms caused by the declining hormone production by the body
  • Optimize each individual’s hormonal balance
  • Continue the protective benefits that were originally provided by the body’s naturally occurring hormones

What are the benefits of optimization with BHRT?

  • Helps prevent osteoporosis and can restore bone strength
  • Heart disease and stroke prevention
  • Reduction in hot flashes
  • Maintains muscle mass and strength
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol level and increases the good, HDL cholesterol
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Reduced risk of breast and endometrial cancer
  • Increase sexual desire and function
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease and memory disorders
  • Improves restorative sleep
  • Improves mood and ability to concentration
  • Far fewer side-effects than with BHRT than other types of synthetics

How Bioidentical Hormone
Replacement Therapy is Different

The difference between Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and other  hormones that are prescribed is that Bioidentical Hormones are nearly identical to the natural hormonal structure that exists in the human body. That means you will be using hormones that your body used to produce.  Your body existed well with these hormones for most of your life and with BHRT you are just replacing those that have been lost or diminished.  With their hormones in balance, men and women, at any age, are able to enjoy renewed energy, better health, and a more positive outlook on life.

Due to the natural interplay of the Bioidentical Hormones with the body, patients are able to experience prolonged symptom relief and wellness without the same risks and  undesirable side effects.

Traditional hormone replacement therapy typically utilizes synthetic hormones to replace the hormones that are now low during and after menopause. This typically is with some type of estrogen or a type of estrogen and some type of progesterone.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy specialists use a combination of several hormones to completely optimize your levels.

  • Estradiol: This is the major form of estrogen produced by your ovaries.  It can be at nearly undetectable levels in women after menopause.  The lack of this hormones  causes many troublesome symptoms.
  • Progesterone: As a premenopausal women, your body naturally releases progesterone during the second half of each menstrual cycle. It is also the main hormones that sustains a pregnancy. For premenopausal women, having too little progesterone can result in heavy menstrual bleeding and worsening PMS.  
  • Testosterone: Testosterone is naturally present in women not just in men! Lack of optimal testosterone levels affects energy, sexual desire, mood and the overall sense of well-being.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): This is a hormone that comes from the adrenal gland and the brain. DHEA supports the production of male and female sex hormones. DHEA levels in the body begin to decrease after age 30, more quickly in women.  Balancing the level of DHEA in your body helps fight depression, obesity, and osteoporosis.
  • Thyroid: Thyroid hormone is produced by a gland in your neck and has effects on almost every cell in your body. People experience many problems when it is either underactive (hypo) or overactive (hyper). An underactive thyroid is not uncommon, and more so in women.  Symptoms include fatigue, feeling cold, constipation, hair loss, dry skin depression and mental slowness.  It has also been linked to high cholesterol and heart disease.  Optimizing your thyroid level can create a huge difference in restoring physical and mental well-being.  

Restoration of optimal hormonal balance can create both physical and mental vitality and a sense of well-being!